Sunday, May 17, 2020

Oh Art Thou

Hello you lovers of life, of art, of literature and preloved threads!

I've been travelling the world since I was a small child, crossing the Tropic of Capricorn on a boat destined for Australia when I was only five months old and many years later I crossed that tropic again.

On all my travels across this big, wide, wonderful world - whether it was Holland, France, Greece, Czech Republic, Spain, Malta, Egypt, Australia,  Thailand, Borneo, Java, Yugoslavia, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Portugal, Germany, Hungary or any other country not listed - one thing that always came along was my bag!Those bags have been rucksacks, sports bags, suitcases with and without wheels but they have always been there because they have been integral to bringing along the clothes and items I felt I needed. Never just the essentials but the array of talismans, sarees, scarves, jewellery, crystals, my Tarot cards, notebooks of writings, books - and then the clothes.

And anytime I was down to my last dollar.. and that was often.. some serendipity would lead me to a small shop in a quiet alley of a city or town, with a shopkeeper of sage qualities and an item that would speak to me with magnificence, of inspiration, of hope. And I would buy that item and my luck would change.

And so, now, many years into my life of travelling, of writing, of living - I want to bring these threads quite literally together. And offer you dear reader the chance to live these magical moments with me, by following the story of each item and the chance to take that item into your life and letting the story grow.

On this blog I shall post stories and anecdotes about various items of lit wear - clothes, shoes, accessories that have poetic tales as well as pop art and kitsch offerings. Some items have been present at literary events, been worn as I have orated poetry, fiction, libations. Some have been in the midst of rendezvous, affairs of the heart - at their hopeful heights and sad endings. Some have been in deserts, revolutions, city scapes and intrepid destinations. All are imbued with story.

To read short descriptions and buy the items you can hop over to my shop here:

The longer stories will follow here soon..